Latest Updates

August 2023

August 4 was the graduation ceremony of Mayen, our first student to graduate from university. Mayen studied law. He now hopes to be able to do the bar, so that he can actually act as a lawyer in court cases.

Mayen, dressed for the graduation ceremony. To Mayen's left is Madeng, his high school brother, and to the right is Anoul, the Walk On co-founder who started our story.

Mayen and his mother.

July 2023

In Juli are the visitation days. Kuot visits as many as possible of the schools where we send our kids.

Visitation day at St. Joseph Primary. Walk On sponsors 18 kids at St. Joseph Primary School.

Jok and a friend at Hilton Highschool. Jok is the only one of our 58 kids who goes to Hilton Highschool. Because he showed good results Hilton asked Jok if he wanted to finish high school there.

9 July 2023

Kuot visited St. Kizito Secondary School today. Celebrating South Sudan Independence Day with the kids. Hopefully soon this kids will celebrate it in South Sudan.

Walk on kids in front of St. Kizito with the South Sudanese flag.